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Chris has an extensive background of all genre's and is available for studio recordings as well as live performances. Without  scheduling conflicts he manages to work with several GTHA bands.


At an early age, Chris was performing in small auditoriums and playing the High School circuit. He started professional recording and studio sessions  by the age of 16.


Known to the Toronto club circuit ; The Gasworks, Larry's Hideaway, The legendary El Macombo, Club Heaven, Le Moustache (Montreal), Hooper's (Ottawa), to mention a few.  The club circuit took him touring throughout Canada, while balancing studies, lessons and session work.


Please do not hesitate to contact Chris for any live, or session opportunities. "I completely understand the importance of getting it right and working within the expectations of a band. Every gig and session is extremely important to me and who I am representing/working for."




Chris Lamont Drums is always pushing themself to be their best, whether it’s onstage performing in front of a crowd or offstage recording their music in-studio. Have a look at what respected members of the music industry are saying about Chris Lamont Drums and their impact on the #hamont #musicscene

Tabone Academy of Music 

Dave & Mary Tabone, Founders 

Chris Lamont is a wonderful, gifted musician and teacher.  He motivates his students and shows passion for their musical  success.  He engages parents in the pursuit of excellence for their sons and daughters.   Chris takes the time to discover each students strengths and weaknesses and creates an environment for positivity and creative energy.  His extensive years of experience in the professional world of music has given him the tools to bring all students to the next level

 S.T.A, Sound and Lighting
Steve, Owner

I'm Steve, owner and operator of S.T.A sound and lighting in London Ontario - Canada's 3rd largest high end production company in our region. I've worked with Chris for many years now I wanted to express my appreciation for his professional approach.
Chris is always prepared with top notch gear and attitude to his craft.  I myself was a drummer for years before I realized my true love and passion was professional audio. From that stand point I've been very impressed with the drum technique Chris uses. His approach to the instrument and fluent knowledge of various styles of music make him an all around Pro. Whatever your project is; from recording to live, you need a person who is completely rounded to make the project a success. Chris Lamont would be a great choice.

Arcadia Academy of Music (Burlington)
A. Govani, Director of Operations

I can’t say enough good things about Chris. He was hired to substitute teach at my school and was given a full schedule of students from the ages of 6 to 16 years old. He was  professional, patient and easy going. Not to mention he has great technical skills and very knowledgeable about the music industry. Happy to have him onboard in the near future

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