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Young Drummer

Online Tutorials

At Chris Lamont Drums, we offer a wide range of online drumming lessons and tutorial videos. Our extensive library is designed with the needs of all skill levels in mind, and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your drumming goals. Explore our services and start your drumming journey today!


Stay Interested - 10 tips

Any instrument is a challenge. How do we remain focused? What can we do to ensure that we are improving?

It's not easy, but it is possible to measure your progress.

Check out this little video and #keepondrumming !


Reading & Independence

At Chris Lamont Drums, we believe that anyone can become a great drummer with the right tools and guidance. That's why we've created a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of drumming - from charting to stick control and beyond. Our virtual lessons are designed to be accessible and engaging for students of all levels, so whether you're just starting out or looking to take your playing to the next level, we've got you covered.



Exercises for Beginners


Beginner lesson level 1 - (Eighth note patterns) Ref#: 11202020-ADATT

Eight beginner Rock beats to use for your reading reference.

With one exercise at a time, repeat the patterns until the patterns are consistent and in time with the metronome.

Count each exercise out loud - (1, &, 2, &, 3, &, 4, &...). Counting out loud is a great way to instill phrasing.


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